Hi, I'm Lucas.

I want to help get you and your business online!

About Me

Hi! I'm a Senior in the Legal Studies Academy at First Colonial High School and I love coding! When I was 12, I taught myself HTML, and I made my first website. Then, I started learning some more advanced languages, like CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and Bootstrap. Now I use those skills to help get people and businesses online. I started my first paid web development job working with my Uncle, Matthew Anderton in his company AEI DataWorks. Later on, I started Anderton Development Company, dedicated to bringing the capabilities of the web to anyone, regardless of their budget. I would love to sit down and discuss how we can get you online and grow your business!

Visit me on my personal website.


Here is a selection of some of my most recent work. Recently, I have done a lot of pro bono work for organizations at school, but I would love to help with your business' web development. For a more extensive portfolio, reach out to me!

La Pizzeria
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Cpt Cheryl
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Legal Studies
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Powerful Practices
Auto Sales
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McDonnell Group
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RSS Reader
Debate Camp
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My Services

I offer most of your web development needs: frontend design, backend development, search engine optimization, branding, and more!

Backend Development

We handle both frontend and backend development and do everything from the front page, all the way to the tricky databases, but we never make style a second priority! We use PHP, jQuery, SQL, HTML, and JavaScript.

Frontend Design

Web and UI (User Interface) design has always come naturally to me, so I can guarantee a quality project. CSS3, the design and styling language is our specialty!

Graphic Design

With an incredible resume of marketing and branding, we can assist in all of your graphic design needs. Whether it be new logos, marketing materials, or anything else, we can help.

Send me a message:

lucas@andertondevelopment.com 757.749.6080

Work with me

Interested in our services? Want to team up on a project? Send me a message and I will respond as quickly as I can. I am always looking for new partners to provide service to, so don't hesitate to reach out?